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Still Serving By Supporting Those Who Serve

In addition to providing an avenue for veterans to find their purpose in life after the military, MCG Wood & Metal Works is proud to give back a portion of our profits to various Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs) and Veteran-Owned businesses so that they may continue to fight for the heroes who fight in the name of freedom.

VFW Still Serving

Chartered by Congress in 1936, the VFW is a non-profit veteran service organization comprised of Veterans and Military service members who have honorably served in a foreign war or overseas operation, whose mission is to foster camaraderie among United States veterans of overseas conflicts, serve our veterans, the military, and our communities, and advocate on behalf of all veterans. 

Armed Forces Brewing Company

Armed Forces Brewing Company is a Military tribute craft brewing company comprised of three brands (Seawolf Brewery, Soldier Brewery, and Airmen Brewery) that pay homage to our great American Military – both active duty and Veterans. To support those who serve, their goal is to employ at least 70% of their workforce company-wide from America’s talented pool of Military Veterans.


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