MCG Wood & Metal Works

is a small company made up of a group of local veterans from NW Louisiana. We build custom wooden flags, home decor and custom metal work products in an effort to raise awareness of a serious issue facing military veterans. Our veterans make up less than 1% of the American population but that very small group commits 22 suicides every 24 hours.

Our overarching goal is to drive that 22 number down through the sale of these custom built, veteran made pieces of functional wall art and metal products. The endstate of this entire initiative is to have no vets take their own life after serving our country. 10% from each sale is donated to the veteran organization called One Tribe Foundation / 22 Kill. Additionally, the proceeds from the pieces will provide these Warriors with a way to continue to serve their fellow veterans in need and providing employment at the same time.

One Tribe Foundation / 22Kill's mission is to raise awareness to the suicide rate among veterans and first responders, educate the public on PTS and other mental health issues as well as focus on suicide prevention through empowerment.

One Tribe Foundation / 22Kill offers a variety of programs and resources for all service members. These programs provide many forms of traditional and non-traditional therapies for both mental and physical health, serving veterans, first responders and their families.